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All I can say is WOW! I own several rental properties in Amarillo and between rentals I have the carpets cleaned. I decided to sell one of my houses to a buyer through a lease purchase. After six months the guy skipped out on me and left my brand new carpet in complete ruins. I was given Amarillo Cleanpro's number from a friend who also uses them. They showed up to clean the carpets and at first I was very unsure if the carpets could be cleaned and brought back to normal. To my surprise not only were the carpets cleaned when I returned about two hours later, but they looked brand new! I've been telling everyone how great Cleanpro is. I was also impressed that the carpets dried very quickly, I'll never steam my carpets again after seeing the Cleanpro system. I highly recommend Amarillo Cleanpro to any and everyone!Thanks Amarillo Cleanpro!
Steve Morgan - Amarillo, Texas
We use Amarillo CleanPro for all our carpet cleaning needs. The results are amazing! You won't believe it until you see with your own eyes. Spots, high traffic area's, and odors GONE! It's like new carpet again!Applewood Apartments
Sherri Partain, Manager - Amarillo, Texas
This is just to let everyone know what I think of Amarillo Cleanpro. We were thinking about getting new carpet. Ours was very soiled from our dog, sadly she past away and something had to be done. We called Brandon with Amarillo Cleanpro, because it wasn't steam cleaning. I have a steam cleaner and the spots always just come right back. After Amarillo Cleanpro cleaned our carets they looked and smelled great! We kept expecting the spots to come back. He worked on our carpet about 4 months ago and it still looks great! We will call Amarillo Cleanpro first if we need our carpets done ever again. The Cleanpro system doesn't just wet the floor and make it look better it really cleans!
Carla DeFrance - Amarillo, Texas
Hi Brandon,     
A quick note to say "thanks" for the amazing work you did today. I'm floored (no pun intended) by how fantastic your system works! We moved into this home about six months ago. The first thing we did was call a "national chain" steam cleaner company to do the carpets.After steam cleaning, the carpet "looked" pretty good, but it took two days to dry out. And that's when we realized, "looks" can be deceiving. Many of the spots came right back, as if the moisture gave the illusion it was clean. At the time, I figured "ok, we'll just have to live with it because these guys are the best."Then two months ago, we had them come out again. I pointed out all those little gray spots I mentioned when you first came over. Hundreds of them, on our white carpet, from where my Grandson's sippy cup would leak various fruit juices. I honestly didn't think these would come up.So here I am, four hours later. The carpet is dry, I'm walking on it in socks and my feet are not wet. I figured I'd test out how clean you really got the carpet.I didn't tell you when you were here, but we have the top rated vacuum cleaner on the market today. It's a Sears Intelli-Clean model that is rated #1 by Consumer Reports. It has a sensor to detect dirt and as you vacuum, if you go over an area that is dirty, the sensor lights up, up to three bars to indicate severity, so that you can refocus on that area. Normally when we vacuum, it takes up to thirty minutes because the machine lives on the third orange bar, and we have to go over and over and over it, until it turns green.I thought for sure, after the cleaning, some dirt would still be in the carpet, but I was wrong. I'm simply amazed! I ran this top rated vacuum on the living room and for about 98% of the entire cleaning, it was solid green (meaning no dirt). Only a handful of times, did the intelli-clean sensor go orange and even then, only the first orange bar. It went offer after the second pass. This has never happened, since we've owned this unit. The carpet looked clean, but more importantly, the top rated vacuum on the market confirmed that it really was clean!I'm sold. You have a customer for life! My carpet looks brand new. Your system removed things that the top national brand "steam cleaners" couldn't get up and it didn't cost any more than what they normally charge.
Wade Wells - City View. Amarillo, Texas
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